Craps Rules


We bet you are intrigued as for how the things of craps are played. For some, the thing is a tad too complex and too overwhelming and so they easily get discouraged to play the thing. But the fact is that this thing is extremely simple and if you let your nerves to stop you from playing, you are missing out on one of the most high energy games in casinos. Now, it is time to conquer your fear and learn the thing.

The Shooter Guideline

It is critical that you know the shooter. Understanding the presence of the shooter as well as his presence will give you an edge. This is the shooter guideline. Players will take turns on becoming a shooter. This person will roll a dice in a clockwise motion.

Then, he will again roll the dice until he gets 2, 3 or a 12 where he will have craps out. Compared to the online casinos, when playing this thing in land based ones, the rules of the shooter is that you can only have one hand for rolling the dice and the dice should bounce off from the wall of the table before hitting a stop to the ground.

The Rolled Guideline

The rolled guideline is the next guideline that you have to be aware of. This means that the action depends on the results that come up due to the roll of the dice. So, the first roll of the shooter is named a shout out roll. When the numbers 7 or 11 are rolled, the shooter has to make a new roll.

Once the craps has been rolled, the dice goes to a new player and a whole new cycle begins. When the points have been set, a shooter will pursue rolling until he makes another point so when the roll is a 4 and 6, it is equal to 10 the role now is to make a roll like a 10 or 7 without rolling craps. If the roll is a 7, he makes a new count out roll. If the dice goes to craps, the new shooter is the one who will shoot.

The Pass Guideline

The least guideline is called a pass. This is a very simple bet in Craps. The players would make this bet before making a come out roll. In this guideline, the pass line bet is when you bet for the shooter that he will be able to roll either a 7 or an 11and will be able to make a point before hitting the craps numbers.

The pass line should be placed before the come out roll. If the dice reveals a 7 or 11, your bet wins but if not, you lose. If the points go established the pass line turns to the standard wager.

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