Vegas Technology


Starting with the name of OddsOn, Vegas Technology software became its official name after merging with the English Harbour Casino to develop a software online for internet gaming. Now, Vegas Technology Software is highly regarded for its amazing graphics as well as brilliant sounds. These are some of the high points of the VTC software.

A lot of casinos online that are running on VTC are mainly geared to attract the US players. They were successful in doing this by configuring the software to let the gamers from the US to make payments via credit card. This funding method works generally most of the time and so the players were able to move their money to the account.

Pushing Forward

The company also took advantage of the continuously growing online gambling industry by upgrading the features to address the increasing needs of customers and this resulted in VTC becoming an awarded casino by Gambling Online Magazine in 2005 as the Top New Casino Software.

The company offers tons of amazing features to their players such as the financial history as well as an access to the operational history of the players. The program also offers downloadable and browser based games to make it easier for players to play. The instant play is also another feature that they have developed. A lot of players in the US use the Mac OS so when they developed this, they became instant hits.

The name of fairness

The casinos that use the VTC are audited in a regular basis by a third party accounting firm and all games and transactions are checked to see if they follow rules for fairness and if they send payouts fast.

Right now, the company only offers the game in English and they do not cater to the international players. VTC still managed to be at the top of the game. This is because they have an amazing capacity to keep the quality of their services and software intact at all times in both online and desktop versions.

A comprehensive platform is also offered by the VTC. This platform includes some promotions as well as bonuses and they also have support for banking and their customers. The VTC players give loyalty programs as well as bonuses. For players who do not prefer the bonuses, you can deactivate them. The platform provides a very secure environment. You can bet on Vegas Technology software to offer amazing environment for your finances. The transactions are made using the Virtual Exchange.

The auditing company that audits the company is Certified Fair Gaming and what they do is make assessments if the game is honest and fair. This is a very big job and they analyze tons of games every month and they make sure that everything is done with no cheating. This is a tedious process and they calculate everything every month.

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