Internet Video Poker Basics

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First of all, it must be noted that internet Video Poker turns out to be some kind of a hybrid of slots and classic poker. Virtually, it preserves the basic rules of classic poker. On the other hand, like slots, it is played with the help of machine or software, which uses random number generator.

How to Play

Like blackjack online, Video Poker is supposed to be a card game. A standard 52 card pack is utilized while playing this gambling game.

As far as the rules of the game are concerned, they turn out to be rather elementary. To win you ought to obtain as stronger combination of cards as possible.

Moreover, it should be noted that you should select denomination of the wager before starting the game round. Commonly, you may choose between $0.10, $0.25, $0.5 or $1. Afterwards, you ought to hit the so-called "Deal" button and you will be dealt with the cards, which are chosen randomly by the RNG.

Then, you check your cards and if you are not satisfied with them, you have a possibility to substitute some of them. Actually, there is the "Hold" button under each card. If you are eager to keep the card you click this button.

Hereafter, you should hit the "Deal" button one more time. Then the new cards will be dealt to you. In fact, the combination you get is supposed to be your final hand. Besides, if you happen to win, you are paid out according to the pay table at the end of each game round.

How Much to Wager

As it was mentioned above, usually, you may select the value of your wager between $ 0.1, $0.25, $0.5 or $1. It must be taken into consideration that if you are eager to hit the jackpot or win big, you ought to make maximum stakes. Do not forget to implement Video Poker strategy. Besides, the payout percentage is supposed to be higher if you wager max.

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