Video Poker Odds

In the game of video poker, there are millions of unique hands that could be dealt to you. The precise number would reach up to 2.5 million. If you check the odds for video poker, you will see that when the players draw cards, they can get a royal flush every 40,000 hands. You can get a straight flush after 9000 hands. This means that for every 40,000 hands that you make, there is 63% chance of a royal flush and around 27% for two royal flushes.

Some Facts

If you spend around 8 hours of game play or around 4 weeks, you can reach 40,000 hands. It will also depend as to how long you play each game and how often you play in a week. The video poker games are easy to find. You can identify using their name as well as the schedule for payouts. You might be able to see games like 8/5 machine or 9/6 Jack or Better.


No matter what the payout schedules are, a video poker game will play the same way. The difference is that some will offer more and some will offer less. You have to check the schedules of every machine. The machines with the highest schedules for payouts are much better than the ones with lower payout schedules.

Now that we have cited 9/6 and 8/5, we need to analyze what makes them unique from each other. One of these has a much better overall returns. When you play at a 9/6video poker and you bet with a maximum number of coins, and you do a great strategy, the returns will be around 99.5%. On the 8.5 game, a similar situation will only pay out 97.3%. That small difference can be very critical in the rate of you winning your hands. You can use the chart as a reference for the payouts for different machines.

The probability and number of times that a certain had will reappear will depend on the machine itself. The probability will be different between the Joker's Wild as well as the Deuces Wild. You will find that just by selecting the right schedule, you can get a much better chances on good hands.

Video Poker Odds Charts

If the casino where you are playing video poker does not give good odds for video poker and you wish to play, it would be best to risk a little bit of amount so that you can get a jackpot in a smaller amount of time. The land based casinos will also offer some extra things like comps or complimentary items. You should definitely go and join the slot club so that at the very least you can get some freebies.

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