Video Poker Rules


Everybody knows the game of poker. Throughout the years, in various corners of the world, a lot of variations had been formulated. There is the straight, the stud and draw. In 1875, the wild cards were introduced and this helped in boosting the appeal and intrigue of this game. It is considered now as at the top of the sporting events in terms mainly of price but also its publicity. There were tons of amazing tournaments and each tournament gets you nearer to the high stakes game of World Poker Series.

The Rise of Video Poker

With the dawn of computers in the 70s, the concept of Video Poker became possible. This one mixes the aspects of draw but the look of the slot machine. The difference between this game and the regular version of poker is that you just have to build a good hand in order to win some good amount of cash since there is no other player involved except yourself. This is a very fast game and due to this speed, so many people got engaged into playing Video Poker and all over the world, they play this game as a form of past time.

Initial Play Conditions

The first thing to do when intending to play this game is to place some chips on the coin slot. Press deal button afterwards. Then the machine will send you 5 cards that are facing up. Remember, that it uses the draw poker methods so you can either go for a hold or discard any of the cards given to you. The goal here is to make the best possible hand between an initial draw and the potential. A pair of jacks would be necessary or even greater to get into the money.

If you decided on holding on to a card, press the hold button under the card or click the card itself. The pin will then label the card as held. The button will then change to release if you plan on releasing the card. Once you made4 up your mind, you can click on draw to get new cards to change the cards that are not held. The cards that you pick as well as the held ones will be your final hand. The pay will be determined based on the chart at the top.

You can place as much bets and coins as possible. Depending on the coin setting and dollar value of the chips, you can increase the coin credits that you have. You can play for a quarter, a dollar or 5 dollars. If you place 10 dollars on a 1 dollar machine, then the credits will be 10. If the 10 dollars were on a 5 dollar machine, the credits will be 2.

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