Craps Basics

playing craps

To begin with, craps appears to be one of the most thrilling and intriguing gambling games. It is sure to be included on the lists of the games of the best online casinos. Moreover, it is supposed to provide casino players with considerable odds for winnings. In spite of this, everyone should know the main rules, types of bets and basic winning craps tips in order to succeed immensely.

How to Play

Actually, craps is supposed to be played with the help of 2 dice. Players are known to throw the dice in turn. In fact, a person, who starts a game round, is commonly referred to as the "Shooter".

It should be noted that the shooter aims to throw dice in such a way, so that 11 or 7 appear. This outcome is known as a "Natural".

On the other hand, if 12, 3 or 2 happen to roll out, it means that the shooter is likely to lose. In fact, this roll is commonly referred to as "Craps".

Besides, if the shooter happens to throw dice and 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 or 4 roll out, the shooter turns out to get a point.

Craps Tips

It should be noted that if you are eager to turn a game of craps into a profitable and lucrative pastime, you ought to be aware of some worked out tips.

  • You should learn how to manage your bankroll. It means that you ought to determine the amount of money, which you are likely to spend at casino beforehand. Besides, do not forget to withdraw your winnings. In other words you should never spend them on wagering at once.
  • Implement craps systems in your game. In this case you are sure to decrease the house edge and make this gambling game more exciting.
  • Gamble at free online casinos before playing for real money. Thus, you will have an excellent opportunity to practise without wasting money in vain.
  • Look for the best online casinos, before signing up.
  • Enlarge your wagers if you win and decrease them if you lose.
  • You should place Pass Line/Don't Pass Line Wager more often.
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